Winkl — The road ahead

Our experiment

We launched the Winkl app about 3 months ago as a way for us to test out our hypotheses about the direction we’re heading in and what we exactly should do because, a fashion Q&A app can’t be a stand alone product by itself.

Winkl App

There has to be more because either you go deep in a niche, or go wide across categories — like the lines that form the alphabet T.

But you can never just focus on the intersection of the lines that form the T. It’s too small for anyone to care about.

The app proved something for us — that if people receive feedback, they will share their knowledge to help out others or help find resources that could be useful to someone, somewhere.

This whole feeling of adding positive value in someone’s life is a reward in itself and that is what keeps the community going.

What more

When we launched the Winkl app as an experiment, we constantly asked ourselves, what more? What more can we do and do it differently enough to go deep in lifestyle and add value to people’s lives in a way never done before. We figured that the entire lifestyle business is mainly driven by content and commerce. Content helps people make decision about commerce — the things they buy.

Even though there are many content platforms today, it is primarily being led by editors, influencers and bloggers. This small group of insiders have the ability to influence millions of people with the content they create and advocate.

Led by influential editors and writers. On average more than 60% pages of these magazines are ads

This influencing power being centralized with them and it just didn’t feel right. We felt that people should have more power as a community, helping each other make better decisions, read better content rather than just consume what the publishers throw at us. We think there is better way to create and manage content. The answer is community led content. And that is what exactly we’re trying to build.

Everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard

Winkl in its latest form is a crowdsourced fashion & beauty media platform — meaning people like you and me can create, share and discover content from people just like us. With Winkl, you can create full length posts, ask questions — submit answers, post useful resources and links and contribute to crowdsourced posts and in the process reach out to millions of people (not yet!) and be heard. It’s like having the same level playing field as top bloggers, publishers and influencers.

We believe that the future of traditional media in general is going to be something very different from what we see today. It’s going to be driven more by the community and less by powerful or influential people, and we have seen that happen on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Medium where even normal users can share a point of view and that’s visible to potentially millions of other users. We hope to build Winkl into a media platform of the future, driven by the people, for the people. Where the community as a whole has more influencing power than any individual.

This is mock up. Such sponsored content will make up less than 5% of the entire content base.

And when we get into ads to sustain the platform, the posts will be clearly demarcated as “sponsored” so the readers are aware that this particular post has affiliated interests.

Version 1 of the website is live. There are a lot of rough edges and bugs that we’ll optimise as we build it further.

To sum it up

Winkl is the perfect place to create, share and discover the best articles, tutorials, videos and content on fashion, beauty and style.

Democratising Media by Bringing In Community:

We are changing the way traditional media works by giving a voice to each and everyone in the Winkl community to be heard, share and influence in shaping what content the community consumes. Be it style advice, latest trends, useful tutorials or anything that matters. Media will no more be led by a handful of editors, writers and bloggers. If you think something is cool, it is, and it deserves to be seen by others. If you come across information that’s relevant and needs to be shared with others, millions will see it.

As we grow, our community will be at the centre. Be it reporting relevant news, creating content or re-sharing something important. Every single community member will get the same initial influencing power or viewership. Our feed algorithms will not be based majorly on views, clicks or likes.

Crowdsourced Content:

We believe that magic happens when the community gets together and creates content and shares ideas to add value in each others lives. There’s so much to learn from each other, so many different experiences and view points to exchange and endless possibilities that are made a reality by the power of crowdsourcing.

The Winkl website is live and we’re very excited for you to check it out here

There are a lot of rough edges and bugs that we’ll optimise as we build it further. If you find any bugs or issues yourself, please do get in touch with us. That would be helpful!




Co-Founder at Winkl. Building the world's largest community of bloggers, influencers, creators and helping brands run memorable influencer marketing campaigns!

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Thakur Rahul Singh

Thakur Rahul Singh

Co-Founder at Winkl. Building the world's largest community of bloggers, influencers, creators and helping brands run memorable influencer marketing campaigns!

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